Beautiful and powerful shows filled with haunting melodies,
exquisite vocal harmonies and rhythmic mastery:
A lavish feast for your ears!

Band Leader, Singer, Composer, Arranger, World Percussionist...

In short...

Born and organically raised in Brazil, Marcio has drunk from wells of traditions and styles, from classical music to Indigenous and Afro-Brazilian chants passed through oral traditions. He has produced, toured, recorded and performed with Jazz combos, Rock and Blues bands, Bossa Nova and  Samba groups, African and Middle Eastern troupes, Classical ensembles...  Click on the Guitar link to visit the other site!







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2020 Schedule

March: Márcio arrives in Brazil for his recording project

June: Recoding postponed; Márcio returns to Portland to take a "Pandemic" break.

June 18th: Márcio & his Ensemble donate a performance for Pickathon, Beloved Festivals & T.C. O'Leary's Fundraiser for Black Resilience Fund Live Stream.

August 16th: Márcio DaLari Ensemble performs at BrasilFest in Seattle

2019 Schedule

01/19th Márcio plays at the Oceanview House Concert Series with Sarah Bethany's Band, Big Island Hawaii.

01/26th Márcio plays at the ManaFest with Sarabeth & BanDaLari, Big Island Hawaii.

02/2nd Márcio plays at the Flow Fest with Sarah Bethany's Band, Big Island Hawaii.

03/22 Márcio will leads his Brazilianauts for the greatest Afro-Brazilian Carnaval Portland has ever seen, at the legendary Bossa Nova Ballroom.

04/24 Márcio performs a short set for "Rebirth" (by Liminocity) at The Little Church in NE Portland.

06/8 Márcio & his Brazilian Nutz at The Cruz Room Annex, Portland, OR


07/12 & 07/14 Márcio plays and sings with the magnificent "¡Vivan los Elementos!" at the Oregon Country Fair;

07/13-14 Márcio plays and sings as part of the "Naked Souls Ensemble" in the the Ritz Sauna Stage, 2AM at OCF.

08/18 Márcio leads his band at BrasilFest in Seattle @6PM on the Main Stage, right underneath the Space Needle.

Sep, 2019: End of big shows season, planing for studio recording in Brazil begins

2018 Schedule

05/27 Márcio & The Brazilian Nutz at the NW Folklife Festival, Seattle, Main Stage (underneath Space Needle) @5:15PM.

06/22 Márcio & The Brazilianists @ the University of Oregon;

06/23 Márcio & The Brazilianauts perform @ the the University of Oregon

07/22 Márcio DaLari & The Brazillions play an hour acoustic set inside a Street Car (Mobile Music Festival) leaving at 1:49PM from PSU Downtown Station.

08/11 Márcio DaLari & The Brazilianauts  perform as one of the "Global Voices" headliners of Beloved Festival.

08/18 Márcio & The Brazilian Nutz perform at the opening of "Viva Vancouver!" Festival in Washington.

08/19 Marcio & The Brazilian Nutz return to Seattle to perform at BrasilFest 20th Anniversary

09/02 Marcio & The Brazilian Nutz return to Eugene, OR (Private show)

09/08 Marcio DaLari performs for the legendary BeeDance of Sara Mapelli Tink

09/18 Marcio starts his vacation through New England, New York & Canada.

10 & 11 Marcio back in studios. December break and preparations to tour the Big Island (Hawaii) in January & February.